The Journey Home

My daily travel takes me between two valleys, the Locker to the Brisbane. Forget the grind of car piled upon car, and the stop and go of traffic lights; this is a visual treat!

The soil is alluvial, rich and chocolately. It sustains an incredible array of farming, particularly horticulture. The floods of a year ago have gone, and the landscape is recovering, reflective of its generally forgiving nature.

Travelling along you will see an array of crops, dependent upon the season. Right now it is time for corn,onions, sorghum, and lucerne. The last of the beautiful mangoes will come onto the market soon, not as rosy as their northern cousins, but full of beautiful flavour.

Most of the cattle you see now are raised for beef. Years ago, these areas were spotted with flourishing dairy farms. The familiar black and white of the holstein and the brown eyed jersey were replaced by the santa gertrudis, brahman and charolais, and every beef crossbreed imaginable.

I am never dulled into complacency by the world outside my car window. It simply reminds me of the dynamic nature of farming and the generosity of the soil.

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