I am an amateur with the camera, but taking photos is like therapy for me. I have a particular obsession with cattle of every description, and people. Faces tell stories and I’ve often gone to agricultural shows/events and asked to take someones portrait. For me, it is about connecting with an element of someone’s personality. Can’t say I always achieve it, but I have fun trying. The bonus is the story that usually accompanies the portrait. Most people will modestly oblige once they realise your interest is genuine.

2 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Yes I too find photography therapy The perfect way to tell the story of the passion and committment behind the people and places of agriculture What a buzz you get when you slot the SD card in and see the fruits of your labour Even if you have only taken 1 special photo out of a 1000
    Love your blog Lisa and will look forward to it arriving in my inbox

  2. Thanks Lynne. This sure is a compliment coming from you! I hope that we can inspire a movement to pay kudos to the contribution agriculture makes to everyones’ lives. It concerns me that we seem to have it all “backwards”. Without farming, we are nothing..
    I can often take many photos of one person or item, to discover that I am only happy with one or two. It is capturing, as you say, the “story behind the people and places” and conveying that via the camera.

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