Fostering the farmers of the future.

Ever thought about mentoring our young in schools on your wealth of knowledge as a farmer?

Whilst the Year of The Farmer is about honoring the work of our hardworking men and women in Agriculture, there is so much experience and knowledge at hand to invest into future generations.

I love to bring mentors into our class. It is a mutually beneficial thing for that person and the young people they get to interract with.

When I take on a new class of Ag students, I am always interested to find out who may have a farming background, and if we can weave that into the program for the semester.

Last year we were lucky enough to have a dairy farmer and a couple of vegetable growers  who become involved from time to time in our classes. The experience was valuable to us all and the students were so genuinely appreciative of the time these folk spent with us, talking about their experiences, providing advice and practical experience.

There are several formalised mentoring programs about for farmers considering offering their time and experience to mentor young students.

Agforce Queensland have a unique program called the Rural Champions Program. It aims to promote the importance of Agriculture to Primary and Secondary students via volunteers, at promotional events and school to farm visits, or longer term mentoring in a particular school.

The Young Farming Champions Program , organised through Art4Agriculture, is a special initiative that trains young farmers from different disciplines to engage with students in local schools and promote the Art4Agriculture school program. It also allows them to directly market their particular industry to a captive school audience and its diverse career pathways.

For information on these programs, please refer to the following websites –